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4. Closure

There to Welcome You Home

All that to get you here! Closing a deal begins with receiving an offer, but at Seaside, we will pre-qualify buyers, so the seller can make the best decision.

2. Capture & Exposure

Crisp Photos and Bold Presentation

In this highly visual society, professional-quality photography and video sells your home. A picture says 1,000 words, and we will capture your property with a large quantity of images. You can smile because we 'expose' images on our site, standard MLS forum, Youtube, Facebook, and more.

1. The lure

Seller Value Proposition

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and will uphold our representation with the strongest of integrity.

3. Our prospecting Posture

New School, Old School

We didn't get the time-old phrase backwards; we are new school that goes old school too. Like you will see in our "Capture & Exposure", we also know how to get buyers to see your home. We do not wait for clients to find us.


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Chris Chin - Broker with Seaside Realty and Property Management