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McKenna Sandifer

McKenna comes from a legacy Ventura County family. Her father served on the City of Simi Valley Planning Commission, as City Councilman, as well as Mayor of the City of Simi Valley. Her home was a social hub for city officials and ranch owners. She has a very intimate knowledge of all of Ventura County and its history.

She began her Real Estate career in 2013, working out of Westlake Village. In addition to six months of post-licensing classes, she completed BOLD, an intensive professional training program. Through the program, McKenna made 100 new contacts per week, focusing on bringing conversations to Real Estate within the first thirty seconds. McKenna knows how to get your business done for you in an effective and efficient manner. Before earning her Real Estate Broker’s License in 2017, she obtained the certification of Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist. Her business targets the beach communities of Carpinteria, Ventura and Oxnard; she also works in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley.

Prior to working in Real Estate McKenna was an accountant at Rockwell International and Northrup Grumman. Leading up to that, she also worked in Washington D.C. at The Washington Post, organizing their satellite communications maintenance, as well as holding the position of Laboratory Archaeologist for an engineering firm, completing a survey on the Ford Theatre. Also while living in Washington, D.C., she volunteered at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, assisting in the Department of Botany and the Archives Office. She was also active in the Embassy social circuit both entertaining at her home and attending numerous formal functions. Trained in Film, Television and Voice-acting, McKenna has been an Actor and has been an active SAG-AFTRA member since 2001. She attended University of Hawaii, University of Arizona and completed her bachelor’s degree in Management/Finance with a minor in Anthropology at Sonoma State University. She has traveled to most of Europe, Australia and Singapore, primarily as a sole adventurer.

McKenna is single and lives in Pierpont Beach. Her interests are Physics and Astronomy, Aviation, Law, Music, Gardening, and Voice-over production. She has a small in-home recording studio. She has over 400 hours of helicopter flight training and is a certified Scuba Diver, Open Water. She has also served as an advocate for the disabled and is a professional Intuitive.

McKenna’s high professional ethics, credentials and strong character combined with her underlying empathetic orientation make her an ideal partner in helping you to sell your home or to find your perfect dream home, vacation or investment property. As a Seller Agent, she applies all of her advisory and strategic skills to get your home sold quickly and for the best price. As a Buyer Agent, she works hard to get her clients into first position in any competitive transaction scenario. She is also very easy to work with, always bringing in a sense of humor from her Irish heritage.

Phone: (805) 558-3620