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Exterior Appearance Sells

Exterior Appearance

When selling a home, homeowners need to address maintenance items as well as keep the home looking its best to get the highest market value. For maintenance items, a pre-sale home inspection (click for previous post) will help bring to light any issues that may affect desirability of the property. The homeowner then may choose how to address the items.

This post is more about sprucing up the exterior of a home to look its best without breaking the bank. Aside from LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!, the curb appeal is another reason prospective home buyers will look at a property. A home seller can’t move the home, but the seller can improve the appearance of the home.

Here are the steps to reduce your costs and make your home look its best:

  1. Pressure wash the exterior of the home
  2. Patch and fix any wood damage or stucco damage
  3. Repaint the wood fascia and eaves to give it a pop
  4. Touch up paint to the body of the home as necessary

Keep in mind, some homes may look great with just pressure washing.